Unlock Holding Time Is FAR too short



Request: Please increase Unlock Action Holding Time to 200 seconds.

Reason: The unlock holding time has a max of 20 seconds. We need up to 200 seconds.

Models Affected: GDS3705, GDS3710
PCode for this feature: P14101

Incentive: We would consider this brand and would have need of at least 20 keypads if this qualification is met.


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Out of curiosity, why is an unlock time needed in excess of 3 minutes? I have no influence on GS to implement the request, just wondering what the use case is that calls for such a time.


He have handicap door openers. Also during a quarantine for infection screening we need to allow someone to get out and then back in without being able to enter without being screened when leaving the property.

One need is imposed by state regulations, the other is a convenience for the elderly who walk slowly with walkers.

Walkers need 45 seconds. Quarantine may need 1.5 minutes. But, why impose a short unlock time when it just serves to limit the customer’s options?


OK, I understand, but I am of the impression that most doors would be equipped with an automatic opener for ADA compliance and as long as the door is open, then it should not matter what the unlock time is, and I assume the opener has to hold the door open for the requisite period so as to prevent hitting someone who is a little slow while exiting/entering, correct?

The other issue, I had never considered the scenario. If I understand, you might have a care-worker or other who is not an employee and may not have access normally, but who might be assisting someone who needs to exit the building for transport or other reasons and while assisting in the effort the door closure time elapses and now they cannot get back in without summoning someone for re-entry.

I am not sure I stated the scenario correctly as I was not really able to follow the statement regarding the quarantine, but I assume that the situation I painted is similar.

In any event, thanks for clarifying and if you submit the ticket, perhaps they will consider it. I am not aware of any makes that do what you request, but I certainly don’t know them all and I assume some might.

Good luck.


The Stanley magnetic lock enters the egress cycle and needs to be reset if it’s open longer than the lock relay.
As to a model of keypad that allows this, our current IEI keypads can have much longer unlock times than we need so I don’t know the limit. These keypads do not have network capability and have no built in timer so we want to move to the GDS3705 and GDS3710 keypads.


The GDS3710 latest firmware ( has boosted the “Unlock Holding TIme” to maximum 1800 seconds (30 minutes).

The GDS3705 firmware is not updated and still, the maximum time is only 20 seconds. It will be boosted to 1800 seconds (like GDS3710) in next firmware cycle.

Thank you for using GDS37XX products.


Thank you so much!


@hhit: The firmware is under internal testing now which extended the unlock time. If you have interest and want to test it, please open a HELPDESK ticket and advise me the ticket number. Thanks.