UNDO Mass apply Device Template?


I have a tech that just applied a device template that had Physical Multi-Purpose Keys to like 99 phones that it should not have been pushed to.

Is there an undo button?

I see that there are task logs before the apply to the devices, but I dont see how to apply a prior task to the device.

please help!


depends on how many keys, push it back out with nothing on them. Or remove the template and reset the phones.


Well they were all custom - each had a different Physical MPK…

Can I put in a feature request for and UNDO Button :rofl:

I think what would actually be a good thing is if you were able to pull up the task list for that device and re-run a past task OR revert(undo) the last task that was done in case of mistakes.


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! Currently, the UNDO button can only be used for all options in GDMS platform. The UNDO button can only restore the settings to default. For individual option UNDO function, we will evaluate this feature request and consider it in future GDMS platform. Thanks for your suggestion!

Thank you!


Thanks for the reply. A roll back to a prior setting would be a huge feature! OR better would be VERSIONING function for each phones settings and every change creates a new version.


Or, so would a backup/restore facility…


Dear users,

Thank you for all your suggestions! We will consult your suggestions and find out a solution for this feature in GDMS future release. Thanks for all your testing!

Thank you!