Understanding HT812



I have an all-in-one network printer/fax/copier. I’d like to purchase a HT812 ATA to run the fax line through my UCM6510. My understanding of the HT812 is that it is NAT capable, meaning that I can take the ethernet patch cable running through the wall, direct into the HT812 then the other Ethernet port is like a pass-through so I can connect that end to my all-in-one ethernet interface and still be able to reach my printer over the LAN. Is that a correct assumption? I understand the rest of the setup. Just curious about the NAT feature.

Thanks in advance for the info!


You need to ensure that the HT812 is running in Switch mode - you really cant use it in the method you are talking because your PC’s wont be able to reach the unit as it will be on a different IP network which is the Lan side of the HT812. In switch mode it doesnt matter because it allows the local DHCP server to offer the ip addressing to either the wan or the lan port devices of the HT812


since the 6510 has FXS ports … why do you need the HT812? Not really sure how you set a HT81x in switch mode, but you should be able to plug a computer into the LAN port and still access the network on the WAN side - your computer will be on a different network to the printer in this scenario, but should still work. Would probably need some more info as to whether your UCM is in switch mode and what LAN your printer is on if the UCM is in route…


since the 6510 has FXS ports … why do you need the HT812?"
The 6510 is it a different part of the building and running a cable is not practical.

The room in question has only one network jack, which is where the network printer patched into the network and we want to avoid running another network drop. So, I was hoping that I could connect a HT812 to said network jack then tether the network printer to the HT812, thus providing both network and analog telephony for the fax machine functionality.


makes sense.

A small switch in the wall port might make the network neater? Otherwise anything on the LAN side of the HT will be on a separate LAN. Doable, but might be unnecessarily complicated.


except the HT812 does not have FXO?


lol good point wrong box :stuck_out_tongue: mybad


Richard, the HT812 has a firewall inbuilt and you cant gain access from the Wan to the Lan without the network interface ports being changed to Bridge (switch) mode.

Page 34 - Device Mode either Nat or Bridge mode - (Bridge = Switch mode of operation effectively)


The direction I was indicating was LAN to WAN … you can always gain access from WAN to LAN using port forwarding. But in any case, yes, either get a small switch and increase the number of ports, or bridge mode as the better options.


HT81x do not need to have a separate switch or have need for port forwarding as the “bridge” mode negates those as per the manual.


correct. If you read it, the switch was only to increase the number of ports. Port forwarding was only to explain to you that it was possible to access the LAN from the WAN side - you said you couldn’t. As I said, if you want to have additional ports and just plug and play get a small switch, if you want to configure the ATA set it as bridge.

Its also a good idea to quote all the relevant data? :slight_smile:


There are Dual ports on the HT812/HT814 - no need for additional switches - just set the HT812 unit to Bridge mode, Wan port to the network switch and you will be able to get access to the printer from the local network if you plug the Printers Ethernet port into the Lan of the HT812…

Nothing else needed…


Correct. Two ports and one of them is plugged into a wall. That’s enough to plug in the printer, the switch option was only if you ever wanted to plug in more. I’m pretty sure I haven’t said don’t bridge the ATA just get a switch. Its just an option, noting more.