Understanding GDMS and Zeroconfig on the same device


Hello all,

Has anyone play with GDMS and Zero config working together to config the same phone?

I’m not sure this is a good idea or holds any value. However, while playing around with a test phone, I realized it is still getting config info from Zero config even through it’s now connected through GDMS and working well. I can change the account info and other details in GDMS and it’s pushed to the phone so, I know that part is working. However, I can also make changes to the phone by updating the Zero config template.

I have not played with this enough to figure out which device hold authority, GDMS or Zero config. For example, If I set a VPMK to one setting in Zero config but a different setting in GDMS. Which will the phone actually use?

Even if I did a quick test and, for example, the phone took it’s config from GDMS, would that always be the case or, could that change with the next reboot.

If the phone has a config from GDMS, then I later push the update button in Zero config, will that override the GDMS info?

For now, I’m just going to remove the phone from Zero config. I’m just curious about this. It makes the most sense to me that the Config Server Path (Maintenance -> Upgrade and provisioning ->)would be changed when a phone connects to GDMS to gdms.com (or whatever) and not the UCM.



in my opinion having 2 sources of contemporary provisioning is never a good idea, at the moment I stay on Zero config, I always prefer the local to the Cloud, in any situation and with any machine.
Imagine to rely only on the Cloud, and this for x hours is not reachable for any reason …
However, in my opinion there are no rules at the same time, it commands who last “sends the commands”.


It is different source of configuration:
GDMS use TR-069 (ACS) and Zeroconfig is simple file :slight_smile:
They both work at same time.

As for use: Depend if there is timer on both.
No idea about TR-069 but there must be timer (as it is in :smiley: that protocol and must be set).as Tr is probably encrypted i cannot check it, but if you want you can sniff packets and check when session start from phone :slight_smile: without knowing content.
As for zero: you have update with normal. Typical it is off so phone will check only with restart or forced from UCM.

GDMS require INTERNET to work, while zero not. Main difference !
Also GDMS should show more data in some time as TR is very big and can also show Statistics from phones ! (or maybe added ? ) But this need to be added in phones to rapport.


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! As Marcin claimed, GDMS uses TR-069 protocol, and Zeroconfig feature uses SIP protocol. We recommend users to use one platform to provision the device.

  1. For GDMS platform, if your device is already provisioned, it will not be provisioned again when the device reboots unless you make any changes in GDMS platform for the device template.
  2. If your device is already provisioned, and you presse “Update” button in Zeroconfig feature module, the configuration in the device will be updated.
  3. We do not recommend users to use both GDMS and Zeroconfig feature since it may cause conflict for the specific device. If you have the same configuration in both GDMS and UCM Zeroconfig, it does not matter because your device will be provisioned with same configuration.

Therefore, we do not recommend user to use both provisioning methods for one single device.

Thank you!


Just a quick update.

Things have not always seemed to work correctly. I removed all the old templates and devices from Zeroconfig and there still seemed to be ghosts in the system.

I removed the check mark from “Enable Zero Config” and it seems to be more stable.


@GSSupport74, until the UCM is fully integrated into GDMS there will be a need to use both from my perspective.