Under 11 digit dialing adds + to the dial plan


I am hoping someone can help me out with this issue.
I have a GXP2160, and on one of the accounts if I dial out with less than 11 digital dialing it adds a + to the number (+5551212, +8005551212, but 18005551212 is ok). It doesn’t happen on the other accounts. I have looked and compared it to the other account’s setup, and for the life of me I can’t figure out the issue. When it does this, it still dials out from that account, but if I hit redial I get a busy signal because of the +.
The dial plans on all accounts are the same.

(Firmware version:


Look in the phone and for the account of interest and then check the dial plan.


I have never seen my own calls add a + sign after dialing, but I have seen the plus sign on incoming calls that don’t let me call back out with redial

2 things to do
add a duplicate outbound route to accommodate any plus signs
for example:
then strip the first digit before sending

next set the setting on the phone to (with Pcode for zero config):
Bypass Dial Plan Through Call History and Directories. 0 - No, 1 - Yes
P6758 = 1

This way when the phone sees the + sign it’ll ignore it and just send the call anyway then the UCM strips it off and sends the call.


Thanks Ipneblett, but all dial plans on the phone are the same. Just this 1 account does this.
Also, I believe this started after a firmware update.


Thanks Istutesman, I tried what you recommended, but it still adds the “+”.
I believe this all started after a firmware update
Current Firmware: (
There is another firmware update, I’ll give it a try.


Right, my solution won’t stop the + sign, it just teaches the system to ignore it.


Sorry, I did a test, and the phone doesn’t ignore the “+”. It still gets a busy signal on redialing.


can I see the outbound route and the CDR log?


The log on the phone shows the + with the phone number.
The phone is not going thru a PBX, it’s setup as a softphone direct to the SIP provider.
I looked at the SIP providers log, and the call never gets that far.

I also tried swapping the account (3) to another account (1), and putting the SIP password on the swapped account, for some reason I am unable to hear anyone on the other end…


Ahh, that is not the phone you described initially. You would have to add the + sign to the dial plan for it to send it on a softphone. Then the SIP provider would have to accept it from there.

Same fixes, just different places.


Sorry for the assumption that it was on a PBX…
This is the current dial plan on the phone:
{ *123 | *400 | [2-9]xxxxxxxxx | 1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx | [2-9]xxxxxx | [49]11 | 0 | 00 | *x. }
Which is the same dial plan on another account, but that account doesn’t add the “+”. It’s weird.


I was referring to a GXP21xx as apposed to a soft phone.

I would open a ticket as this is odd behavior if the outbound calls are adding it.


Thanks I will…
Just to explain, the 2160 is setup using the softphone settings provided by the SIP Provider, and is not setup as a SIP phone to a PBX then to a SIP Provider. Sorry again…


It can be that incoming calls Provider mark with +, then when you call back you can choose call from Live DialPad instead of normal.


Thanks, But outbound calls also… I even removed the provider setting, and the phone itself it adding the “+”.
I have created a support ticket. Thank you everyone…


Just a minor update:
Seems to be an issue with F/W 1.0.9.xxx.
F/W doesn’t have the issue.

GS Engineers are working on it.