Unboxing nitpick


I was excited to receive my hardware, and first thing I did was to take the handset out of the box, put in the battery, plug it in, and wait for next morning when it would be fully charged and I could start playing with it.
In the middle of the night, I was woken up by a strange beep noise, which I didn’t immediately associate with the equipment I had received and plugged in the previous day, and after a few minutes of wandering around the house in my PJs I finally zeroed in on the handset, saying it was sad because it couldn’t find a base to talk to.
Perhaps just have a blinking light in the initial power-on, or just a message on the screen, or a piece of paper / note in the QEG that mentions the fact it will beep


We never observed such beep sound after long time un-registered.
When you put your handset back to the charger, it will play a prompt tone which could be the beep tone you heard.
could you please check the cradle spring or are you using the USB cable to charge directly? maybe the USB cable is not plugged firmly?


Hi Shawn. I heard the beep during the night if memory serves me correctly, It’s been a few months since I got my device so I will try to reproduce for you. I believe I was using the cradle, not USB cable to charge directly. I just noticed that could be done now.


The beep tone should be Advisory Tone, it usually will play when you has low battery, keypad press, or setting changed confirmation. you can find the settings at GUI -> Settings -> Audio -> Advisory Tone, If your handset is not registered, the most suspicious is from the low battery or the charging prompt.

To me, I feel it more like a cradle issue, that either the handset failed to charge and got a low battery, or the handset lose touch with the cradle occasionally, please keep close eyes to it, next time happens, check the battery is full or not and take a look at the cradle charging spring.

maybe some other issue, I’m just very sure the handset will not play beep because of unregistered. :smile:

If you find any cradle issue, you may file a ticket in our helpdesk to request an RMA.

You can also try to disable all the advisory tone see If it still plays beep tone.


We’ve never had any of our GS DECT phone handsets beep because they can’t find a base. We have had them beep because the battery was low. @Shawn-GSSupport424 is likely correct that it wasn’t seated correctly and didn’t charge completely.