Unathorized error on CTI api-send_key on GRP2601


Hi community, can anyone help to make CTI send_key request work on GRP2601
Here is the problem and the details.

I’m getting a response “Unathorized” on any GET request to /cgi-bin/api-send_key?passcode=123&keys=1
Followed this topic https://forums.grandstream.com/t/unauthorized-error-on-cti-access/33630/2 and now I get a pssword_token, but the problem is I couldn’t find how to use it and how to make the api work.

Action URI support: enabled
Allowed IP addresses: any

Thanks in advance


I don’t remember if GRP260x has the remote window option or not but this need to be disabled,
And check if the click-to-dial feature is enabled.

The unauthorized response is mostly caused by wrong creds so you need to double check your admin password if it is 123