Unable to set up UCM 6208 in GDMS



Hey Guys

Been away for a while and setting up a client on GDMS . It states to set up an IP PBX device so I tried setting up my 6208 and I get a device not supported . Is there any updates available or datasheets stating where GDMS is right now ? I have 3 clients I want to get set up but can only do the phones .





With a UCM62xx you can only link the UCM to GDMS. GDMS will then import the lines you have configured on the UCM. You can then configure the phones with those lines.

At the current time there is no GDMS configuration for the UCMs themselves.


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! As Drostoker claimed, users can only sync the SIP accounts in the UCM62xx to GDMS platform, and users cannot configure UCM62xx device through GDMS platform. We will try our best to support more models in future GDMS platform release gradually. Thanks for your suggestions!

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Thank You for the replies !!

Appreciate it as I’ll hold off on it for now .



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Thanks for your feedback! Let us know if you have any other questions about GDMS platform.

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