Unable to receive overseas calls on my gs wave lite using my fiber broadband


I am unable to receive overseas calls through my fiber broadband using wifi. Though I am able to make outbound calls. But inbound calls doesn’t show up in notifications. SIP does get registered n appears active. I am using an android 8.1.0


missing details, scenario, products used and explanations on the problem


I use gs wave lite in my redmi note 5 which runs on android 8.1. I have a jio fiber broadband connection.i am able to set up my sip address which gets registered to take calls from US & Canada here in India. But I am unable to receive calls using jio fiber. It works perfectly fine when I am on my vodafone cellular data. I am able to make & receive calls both.But with jio fiber i am only able to make outbound calls. I am not able to receive inbound calls in wave lite even though the SIP gets registered n account shows up as active on Jio Fiber


are you registered directly on a trunk?
doesn’t it work for you only in the “X” situation?
Probably on the “X” situation you have a problem on the firewall / router that does not allow the regular transit of the SIP protocol, try to disable for example the SIP ALG.
Also you don’t mention how you set up GSWAVE lite

as mentioned above there are no useful elements to understand the problem,
Also note that Grandstream Support can be found here: