Unable to make call from gxp1610


I am using 3cx but I am unable to make call from 1610 phone. Dailing failed. Why is that so?


if you don’t write down the details it will be impossible to arrive at any solution


Can you reach voice mail (999) or the echo test *8? if so, check to see if calls are allowed in the 3CX extension settings and then check the outbound routes.


But I am trying on same network as Intercom so. Still, Do I need outbound rules.


So what kind of call are you trying to make? Is the extension registered?


Sorry I was little busy with my business. so late reply.
I wanted to make only intercom call within my office.
Phone was registered but I can not make call help 3cx.
On the other hand, I can make call on 3cx phone app. incoming and outgoing was possible help of 3cx phone app. Why not grandstream phone?


You do not need an outbound rule to make an intercom call.

However, you never answered:
Can you reach voice mail (999) or the echo test *8