Unable to Dial Out - GXW-410x


I would appreciate any help for the below:

I am able to receive incoming calls from the PSTN but I am not able to make outgoing calls. I hear one ring but then a long beep. It appears the PSTN is disconnecting me. This was working fine for years.

From syslog:

596 cm_api.c SigRemoteDisc, Port: 2 (st:6, lstcs:10, sipch:0), Sess: 0 (st:6 (inuse:1 event:0)

Product: GXW-410x
Platform: Elastix
Created On: 15 Sep 16:04
Last Updated: 2 days ago
Title: Unable to Dial Out
Issue Type: Hardware


Hi --> From syslog:

596 cm_api.c SigRemoteDisc, Port: 2 (st:6, lstcs:10, sipch:0), Sess: 0 (st:6 (inuse:1 event:0)

That is stating port 2 is inuse, meaning the line is busy…identify if the line has been held up by some other call or other means or it is in fault condition. Check the status page of the gxw410x it should have a caller id.


Thanks for your help. I am not seeing the SigRemoteDisc anymore. I call and it just goes to busy. The line goes to “Connected, idle” after I hang up. I took out the phone cable from the GXW-410x and then I hooked up an analog phone to the line. I can dial out with no issues.


What are you using to connect to the GXW and how is it setup?


I’m connected from elastix. I have an outbound route using the following trunk settings.



And what does the outbound route look like and can you take a network capture while trying to dial out?
I assume the trunk to the GXW shows regostered?


I can’t take a network capture right now when trying to dial out. I hooked up the GXW-410x to a syslog server. This is what I see:

09-21-2020 09:31:00 User.Debug GS_LOG: [00:0B:82:6C:DE:53][000][9660000322B][] 1324 sip.c Acct:0 h-port:5060 Received SIP message: ACK sip:GXWT1@;transport=udp SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK3dea8ff8;rport Max-Forwards: 70 From: “3196483602” <sip"tookoutcolon"3196483602@>;tag=as552da42d To: <sip"tookoutcolon"13195416562@>;tag=b734c67549268b03 Contact: <sip"tookoutcolon"3196483602@> Call-ID: 39e535aa4976e4561fc2df5a7fd4d16e@ CSeq: 102 ACK User-Agent: FPBX-2.8.1( Content-Length: 0

Btw, this has been working for years and just stopped working. No changes have been made. I took out the colon above because forum thought those were links.


Sorry, not enough to go on as it is merely an ACK message, but unknown as to what message was being Ack’ed.