Unable To detect Caller ID



The UCM6202 is not able to detect the CallerID; It shows for us Undetected or Unkown

How can I resolve this isuue ?


what lines are you talking about first?
Have you tried to see with a phone the number arrives?

p.s.: you put a post UCM62XX on topic UCM 61XX


Analog or VoIP

if analog is the CID checkbox checked off on the trunk


It is an Analog line, The CID box is checked, and even with that it shows me Unkown or Undetected CID


Analog Lines with FXO ports, I tried to change the type of CID but didn’t work,


as mentioned above tried to verdere if it comes the CID with analog phone?
tried to enable/disable the CID on the PSTN trunk?
If it arrives you have to look for the appropriate drop-down setting, if anything try “auto”.