Unable to connect a remote phone or Wave lite to ucm6204


I am having am issue being able to give our customer Wave lite access, or any off site phone.

I have had their network people forward TCP5060/5061/4569/9999/8088
tcp/udp 8089, 10000-11000
I have set the STUN to stun.l.google.com
On the gxp1620, and my test 3cx softphone show connected, but they will not connect audio on a call. They both ring but do not connect the call.
Wave Lite does not connect al all when scanning the QR code in the email.
If I login to the web gui /gwave I am able to dial *97. I cak call 1+ numbers that ring the phones but when answered the the webrtc just keeps ringing.
I know I have something missing in the setup. I am hoping someone can help point me in the right direction.

UCM6204 v1.0.19.29
Using 3 POTS lines, no VoIP trunks.


I guess and hope you did all NAT in ACL, just to be safe,
I also advise you to immediately update UCM to the latest FW if you don’t want to suffer fraud


OK I will get it to the latest version tonight. Maybe that will fix things



Try placing the external IP in the SIP settings of the UCM system --> PBX Settings --> SIP Settings --> NAT --> External IP/Host


We have that in there already.
I’m not missing anything with the STUN settings right? I just have to enter ‘stun.l.google.com’? No other settings or accounts to setup?


Do a packet capture at the ucm, it is the only thing that will determine what is actually occurring