Unable To Backup Via SFTP - "Wrong Account or Password!" Error


I am unable get any of the UCM systems we manage to log in to our SFTP server to backup. I always get the same error “Wrong account or password!”, however I know this isn’t these aren’t the wrong credentials.

I am able to log in via SFTP through other clients using the same credentials created for the UCM systems. I have tried this on a few different systems at different firmware levels and none of them seem to work. I have tried using simple user names and passwords with no special characters and get the same result. The only thing to note I suppose would be I’m not using the default SFTP port, but that shouldn’t be an issue. I don’t have this issue on any other Asterisk or Asterisk derived systems - Switchvox, PhoneSuite, FreePBX, etc.


I ran into a problem with LastPass changing the UID and password and me not noticing.

If you’re using a password utility, try disabling first then try again.


I wish it was something this simple haha!

I did disable LastPass just to be sure, but same results.


Firmware ?

[2019-02-13 22:00:01] Schedule Backup backup_000B82587406_2019Feb13_13365.tar Succeeded!

Also do you use Destination Directory ?


I have tried on a few levels of firmware -, and with different users.

And yes, I use destination directories. Each user has their own directory. I am able to log in with each use to their respective directories, just not from the UCM. I do see traffic coming through on the port I’m using for SFTP on packet captures from the UCM as well as the SFTP server, just no connection and the same error.


destination you do not start with \ just name


Yes, I am aware. I’m not beginning with /

I’m getting an error for invalid credentials when I am putting in valid credentials.


You added permission to create directories ?


Yes, the user has Read/Write on the directory. I log in with each user and create/delete a directory to verify.


Maybe this not default port is issue ? (Bug in UCM).


Did you get this figured out? I’m running into the same issue.


we had the same issue in combination with a Synology NAS. We had to configure the “user base” und specify the SFTP user. The it worked imediately! Don’t why Filezille (in our case) could connect and the UCM not…