On a UMV6108 with 8 fxo analog lines. (port 1 for a isolated trunk ,port 2 for fax, port 3-8 for standard trunk)

Having Problems with the inbound rule that is set on the isolated trunk going to specific extension.

the rule seems to work the phone extenstion does workon incoming calls it rings. But when no one answers it doesn’t go to voicemail. it goes to the general message that is in the IVR enven though the ivr is not the destination.

I have also tried with a ring group with one extention and a default destionation as voicemail with the same problem.

the inbould rule direct to voicemail works but that is not good as he will never be able to answer the phone.



I’ve looked through my UCM6208 and can’t see why it wouldn’t work in your scenarios. Do you have voicemail enabled for the extension?


Are you certain it is going to an IVR and not being answered by the phone companies systems?
Can you confirm that answer in the CDR logs?