UI bug on IP address with 0


The web UI on ‘Card Management -> Sip Number’ does not allow to enter IP addresses with ‘.0.’ ie: Looks like the interface removes the ‘0’. So if I try to enter, it becomes invalid: 10…1.241. Tested on Chrome and Safari.


In “Card Management”, the SIP number suppose to be SIP extension with digits only, not IP address. Not quite sure what application you are going to implement. Are you want to input IP address (a hacking) into the SIP number field and make the GDS310 call different IP address? Could you shed some light and give more details about the implementation and what you want to achieve using GDS3710?

Thank you for using GDS3710!


Only 0 is removed.

You use it for IP call (with Virtual number for example).


@luketc, @Marcin: Thanks for the report. Will fix it in next firmware cycle. Thank you for using GDS3710!


Thanks guys! L