UCMRC / GDMS Plan Pricing?


I just received notification that the free beta service will end 05/15/2022. I do not see any pricing information for the remote connect.
Does anyone know what the ongoing charges will be and is there a way to sign up for it prior to the 15th to avoid losing functionality?


I would like to know this as well, as it says at the top of GDMS…
Going to Invite GS…


There was something on blog i think. but no real prices just low-middle something like this.
i do not even know if GS know it (maybe again longer beta)


Mine all show 05/18/2022, it was extended recently.


Yes, I have read this before to have some idea, an answer from GS on what is happening May 15th or 18th would be good, since they are now indicating in red writing at the top of GDMS about this. Before they would just auto renew the beta, but now I am not sure, and it would be good to know for any disruption.


I just noticed that at the top (on my screen its orange)

The current free Beta service of UCM RemoteConnect will be extended until May 15, 2022
but then the rest in the list:

I’m guessing they are not sure how much they can charge to make a profit after the AWS charges, but still keep us as customers. I can’t imagine there is a crazy amount of profit on the hardware, and with no licensing, where is the money coming from to pay AWS. Just a guess tho on why no feedback from them.


Dear users,

Thank you for using the GDMS platform and UCMRC services! The current free Beta service of UCM RemoteConnect will be extended until mid-June. We will proceed to extend your services from the server side. You do not need to worry about the expiration notification. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Great thank you for the information! :grinning:


No problem! Please check out our official website. We will post the latest information about the UCMRC plans release information on it. Thanks!




3cx 8 SC std edition = R185 dollars

if this is prices too installers I think it is way to expensive this is pricing for a cloud PABX solution

from Free to $195 USD it a huge jump this pricing makes no sense at all


This should be end price for customer.
Prices are normal (15 per month at plus) ? They are similar in low, and lower at top from what i see in competitors. It can be little high if you only need SBC.


What are the limitations for the remote admin aspect with the free product compared to comprehensive and advanced? Where did you find this chart?


I am not sure what the limitations are, I do wish it said what it was. I just posted cause they finally showed pricing. Chart came in an email today from Grandstream. Here is the link


I’m on the free package on a new system, and one of the limitations is the extension Sync is grayed out, so you have to program extensions and servers manually in gdms for voip phone registration. And the plan lists exactly like this on the remote connect page in the system


Dear users,

Thank you for interesting in UCMRC services! We will officially announce the UCMRC service soon. Please refer to the plan information at that time. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


in my view they are prices a bit high, I hope to read some discounts in the final form, and in the free plan I hope there will remain the possibility of remotely connecting to UCM for maintenance.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! We will officially announce the UCMRC service soon. Please refer to the plan information at that time. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Are you certain of 3CX being R185 (Rand)? This is the equivalent of $11.62USD.

I just renewed a client’s 8sc PRO 3CX premise based license and it was about $200USD.

However, while I question your 3cx pricing (maybe I should move to SA), I do think the GS jump is somewhat high, but I guess it’s more about what aspect of the offerings is important to you and/or your clients.

To a number of my clients, it is about the remote connectivity and doing the math for the Plus indicates that the call volume (8) at any one time for the 50 remote users, comes out to a hair over $2.00USD per call/month for the Plus and $1.57USD/month for the Pro and $0.78USD/month for the Business and $1.08USD/month for the Enterprise. Yeastar for an S20 is $129 or $169/year for 20 users and 10 calls, but the lower cost one is pretty bare bones whereas the higher lacks what GS offers for approximately the same price.

Given that the product is geared for business, in my case, I guess it depends on how much they need the remote connect service. Where it gets a little more complicated is how one perceives the value of the other offerings within a plan. Those who bought, installed and managed their own single instance may not need or want to pay the incremental value price for whatever the other services are, whereas a reseller may find it more advantageous and particularly so if there is something to be made by the reseller in the process. Marcin hit the nail on the head with the SBC aspect.

What I really question is what is the plan for a reseller/channel partner pricing? As this is a public document, I suspect that partner pricing info will only be available thru the authorized distributors and we will have to wait and see.

I continue to question the product’s stability and reliability for the various scenarios that it may encounter. When the notion of the product was first announced, I expressed my concern that the product needed to be robust enough, stable enough and reliable enough so that the clients’ usage of this paid subscription service would be seamless without fail (works first time, every time). Unless it does perform, the client will be looking to me to solve whatever issues arise as well as any refunds should they feel entitled. I don’t have any desire to be in that line of fire.

I also question the 3 month free period for the Plus but nothing for the more advanced, more expensive versions. I am not sure of the rationale and why some grace period would not also be available for the others even if a lesser period. The benefit of the more advanced services can’t be seen out of the box given the larger number of remote users and the more advanced feature sets which will take longer to setup. I assume it’s to get the smaller sites to make the jump to the Plus in lieu of sitting on the Basic.

I guess we will see, but I would like to know how many have had success in installing and using the product for remote users and their satisfaction with same.


Dear users,

Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions! We have not officially announced the prices and corresponding plan information yet. Please kindly refer to the plan information and prices once we announce the information on the official website. Thanks for all your testing and feedback!

Thank you!