UCM6XXX PBX Settings / NAS - More detailed infor is needed in the Manual



Hi GS Team,

i was trying to connect my PBX to my NAS which failed of course and i wanted to understand how is the folder mounted and what service is used? sadly i cant find any info anywhere.

i also get this error message in the syslog:
user.warn kernel: [500896.212782] CIFS: Unknown mount option cache
user.err kernel: [500896.242079] CIFS VFS: Server requires packet signing to be enabled in /proc/fs/cifs/SecurityFlags.

SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, NFS, AFP? more info would be appreciated. (also NFS support would be great for reliability)

Furthermore it would be important to know what is the service exactly doing.

are the call recordings first saved locally then moved to the NAS? or are they immediately written to the NAS.
also a better description of the pros and cons between the NAS and Data sync setting would be good as normal users might not understand why there are multiple services to “backup” the data.

btw i am currently testing with a synology nas and its not working
attached i copied the important parts from the log file showing the error.

netdisk_ucm6510_log.zip (3.2 KB)


SMB 1 must be used (only this is supported).
By default NAS can have it off.


Hi Marcin,

thank you for your reply

i am aware that the UCM is using CIFS which is SMB1, the thing is i have SMB1 activated and it does not work…

also your answer does not address the add on requirement to the manual i think it would be good for a user to understand the difference and the impact each backup solution has.

you are very familiar with GS products but oyu need to look from the users perspective in this case. (thats my 2 cents here…)



I enabled SMB1 on Synology and it connected without any problem (DSM 6.2.1.-23824).
Simply created special user and added shared folder name.
I do not really change anything in synology beside allowing SMB1 (disabled by default on Synology).
As far i see it can be problem with encryption(advanced setting), by default it is set as Automatic, did you change it ? Also check synology log it will show if login was ok or not.

As for record: i think it must be at least stored locally as you collect recording, then it is complied and moved to NAS. That my guess.

Backup and NAS are different option and different meaning. I do not see why it should be compared ?
NAS is Storage option (where file are keep), it is not backup (it can be if you run backup on NAS of course)
Backup is where backup of existing files are stored for safety.
They may look same but they (for me) are totally different option.
I agree that GS could make document to explain difference but this is some basic stuff (external storage vs backup).

User perspective is hard. Will you start explain from what is IP or later ? Usually you must set some minimum knowledge of user, i really find annoying people who do not check basic stuff and say stuff like explain to me. I’m not a teacher for basic network stuff, if you go to It then learn basic of all knowledge at least or you will be ask What, Why, How all days. If you do not want/ do not have time then hire specialist it will save both side time and money. What take me 5 minutes to set it will take hours of teaching to end user who have no idea what he is doing.

For example you think there should be document which explain this stuff:
SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, NFS, AFP? more info would be appreciated. (also NFS support would be great for reliability)
But what if user do not understand AFP or NFS means ?

Not working connection to synology is problem we can try resolve (users), but explaining what is NAS or SMB is meaningless and user should learnt itself (wiki for example).


look i think its important to say inside a user manual, hey this is for synchronization (ergo files will be kept on PBX as well a copy will be saved to an FTP server, and if you use NAS then the data will be directly copied to the NAS (kindly backup the NAS data via your normal backup option),

again you dont need to over complicate, but taking a few minutes more to add additional info would help.

the NFS option btw i would like to see added since nfs provides better speed and stability compared to cifs.

its important to look from a clients perspective, again yes we dont want to bore them with network protocols, thats why we can sell a support contract to the user. im just not a fan if you get a document then you have to look at 10 other places to try to find the answer. but that my personal opinion.

but again i am looking for an answer from GS on the items that are not know even to us like the method that is used when copying. i think that would be important to know



Yes i agree that it could be great, but UCM manual is already 436 pages long.
For me more problem is that manual has bad description. It say that NAS is backup, which is clearly not.

By default Backup keep files, this should be obvious for everyone but i get your point, still i think there is no need to lower required knowledge, but you can be right and GS should lower it :slight_smile:
Gs manuals require knowledge while how-to is guide which show you how to set it. Maybe adding backup/storage howto is more appropriate ?



Hi Marcin,

i have send a mail to my contacts inside… since they are in charge of this product and its development lets hope they can add some inputs here.