UCM6XXX Call Recording Management GUI - Some Feedback of my clients



Hi GS Team,

my client gave some valuable feedback on the call recording gui with the current latest version of the Firmware

Here some points:

I got called and scolded that the calls are not recorded, the user checked only the call recording but there is another tab where the queue recordings are, which my client didnt know or see.
Furthermore, in the queue recording there is no option to filter by day only by month… so you need to go search by the file title which is not really user friendly.

also i dont think that the some recordings should be accessible via separate dropdown menu.
they should be all in the same menu.

another good input was that the user complaint that there is a DELETE ALL button as first option and i agree it doesnt make sense and it is rather dangerous placed and easily in the heat of the moment you would delete all your records in a jiffy.

the recordings should be searchable trough the CDR so that the user can key in date / time / phone number and find any of the recordings (extension or queue) depending on the call made.

as mention that is some client feedback which i have to support that menu needs to be improved urgently.



Records are show also in CDR, recording files is only with files.
Icon with old tape mean there is record.


Hi Marcin,

thanks for the reply,
yes but not queue call recordings… thats the issue here… if your a call center manager and you only can filter by month,… at lesat add more filters to make it easier to search. i guess thats the request to GS



Queue too ?
What privilege user have ?


this is something i guess need to be picked up by the GS team i will talk to the people in charge directly. i just wanted to record the issue here first.


If you want upgrade then yes :slight_smile:
But i can see recordings on CDR/CDR (queue too) from admin account.


I’m pretty sure this has been resolved in new firmware. I double checked and I can see queue recording in my standard CDR.