UCM6510 transferring calls via 2200EXT Board not showing caller ID only shows the extension that transferred


Client has UCM6510 GXP2170 with 2200EXT for receptionist. The calls that they transfer have stopped showing the inbound caller ID and only the Receptionist ext ID. I have already verified that we have
Send Remote Party ID enabled under the ToS Settings. Is there an change or update that’s been added that I just can’t seem to find?


Hard to say without knowing the firmware version of anything - UCM, Recpt phone or receiving phone.


Are they doing blind transfers or assisted transfers?


The pbx is on and the phones are on We just upgraded them last week. They’ve always been able to transfer from the extension board with the incoming caller ID showing during the transfer. This just started 2 days ago with no real explanation why it would just stop. Nothing has been changed on the system other than the upgrades last week.


PAI maybe ?
It have highest priority. Turn off PAI on GXP.


It’s a bug in the firmware. Thanks for your suggestions and recommendations.