UCM6510 To 6301 LDAP SYNC Sip Peer trunk


i am trying to get a clear answer to a question. i have 2 ucm6510’s and have added a new 6301 for a much smaller site. I have successfully setup a sip peer trunk to all systems. the 6301 Can successfully download the LDAP directory from the ucm6510’s however the 6510’s cannot download from the 6301 no matter what ports i forward. is there a compatibility issue with this ?


Take an ethernet trace from the ucm6510 while doing the ldap sync.
Then check if there any errors or connection issues.


Make sure your 6510 is on the latest firmware, try changing your LDAP method to use rsync instead of wget (6301 )
guide for your reference


I would suggest to open a ticket with Grandstream support and see what they say - helpdesk.grandstream.com


Thank you for this. i missed the RSYNC setting this helped partially resolve the issue,


I was able to resolve the issue with some of the help from here. I wanted to post the steps i took to resolve the issue.

Setup is as follows all UCM’s are configured in ROUTE mode.

All UCM’s are sitting behind a firewall with port forwarding setup.

All UCM’s Have Public IP addresses setup under PBX/Sip Settings.

All Internal Network addresses have been whitelisted.

All Trunks are configured with Nat Check Box enabled.

UCM1 UCM6510 Trunk Configured with Port 9092 for LDAP Sync. Nat Settings on Firewall Set to 9092 and 9093 and 873 UDP

UCM2 UCM6510 Trunk Configured with Port 9093 for LDAP Sync. Nat Settings on Firewall Set to 9092 and 9093 and 873 UDP

UCM3 UCM6301 Trunk Configured with RSYNC for Method. Nat Settings on Firewall are as follows. Port 9092 and 9093 Both Set to Forward to Port 873 as well as 873 Open for RSYNC.

All UCM’s Now see 3 systems and are downloading the LDAP book to each.


in my opinion the LDAP port on UCM630X is 873 (not editable)