UCM6510 PRI Link Outgoing calls problem



We recently configured UCM6510 with PRI lines, all incoming calls are working without any issue. PRI link status also shows “Available”. But all outgoing calls are not working. Please help what has caused the issue.


Without knowing how setup for the trunks and ruies, there is not enough info to suggest a possible solution.


Update the outgoing calls are working now after unchecking “use caller ID” option. But still can not call GSM numbers. But PRI line supports call to GSM and tested by operator.


So, what is different between a GSM and other call numbers? Does your outbound rule accommodate all formats needed in your locale to pass calls?


Nothing much, both are eight digits but starting number different. For landline 4XXXXXXX and GSM (3XXXXXXX, 5XXXXXXX, 6XXXXXXX,7XXXXXXX)

I do’n’t know why only GSM outgoing calls are blocked.


And what does your Outbound Route Pattern look like?


change the outbound route pattern to “X.”
This will allow any and all calls to flow regardless. You can then see if the call flows to the GSM and refine from there.




Will check and will let you know.


The patter you posted will allow any 8 digit string to pass to the PRI. If you use X. it will allow any and all strings to pass.


Thank you for your assistance. we found out the problem is from the provider. They blocked calls to GSM.