UCM6510 group strategy


I have a group of work from home users who use GS desk sets to connect to the office system.

Is the following a viable workflow?

  1. Each user gets an individual extension

  2. Set up a ring group extension that rings all users’ phones simultaneously

  3. If a user has set DND on their phone, the other phones will all ring and the call will NOT go to voicemail immediately.

  4. If nobody answers an extension the phone will be forwarded to an external number.

4a. If everybody has DND turned on the call will be forwarded to an external number.

As an aside, is it possible to turn somebody’s DND on/off remotely?


That should work.

No, I do not believe there is a way to turn off DND set on a phone externally.


I HIGHLY recommend using call queues in this situation.

With DND, nobody and reach the employee. There is a setting for DND whitelisting (a group of people that can call that extension even when in DND mode) but, it make more sense to me and the use cases I’ve run into, to use call queue.

Using the option to login and logout of the queue and DND give the employee much more control. Hit DND at the end of the work day to silence the phone or log out of the call queue to work on a project but, they are still reachable by the other staff or the manager who can call and ask them to jump back in the queue.

Simply much more flexible.


I’ve been looking at the call queue and am thinking it is too complex for my needs, but could be wrong?

There are five people in the group, providing 24/7 access.

For now until everybody in that group is working from home with a desk set.

During normal-ish work hours +/- an hour or two based on personal schedules, appointments and whatnot two of the people take calls, no more than 8-10 external calls per day, then however many internal calls on top of that. Call volume is very light. Because the scheduling is fairly flexible I can’t hard code specific times.

If they step away from their desks then they turn on unconditional call forwarding and route all calls to their cell phones (eventually to the GS app on their cells, but one step at a time).

For the rest of the 24 hour period one of three other people is covering the phones, one person on shift at a time, some nights they might get zero calls, some nights they might get as many as six for an 8 hour shift, but that would be considered insanely busy.

If they are on shift they should never be placing the phone in DND.

If they aren’t on shift and there is an emergency for which their supervisor needs to reach them immediately they would be called on their cell phone directly, as outside of shift hours they wouldn’t be expected to be near/answer their work phones.

Is there a reason why call queue would be better in this scenario?