UCM6510 error prompt language change


Hi, we have UCM6510 and several GXP2130,GXP2140,GXV3240 phones, the extension numbers are programmed like this 42XX(4201,4202,etc) when I dial a wrong number like 421 or 5222 a voice error message about dialing the wrong number starts to play? but I need to change this to spanish?
I have very little experience with UCM6501 and its phones.

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Look in the extension settings for the desired extension(s) and change to Spanish. If not there then you need to install the language pack in:


Hi thank you for your help, I have tried doing this but I think it can not connect to the internet, is there a way to download it and do an offline install?

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Not that I an aware of, but maybe others have the language pack.


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