UCM6510 Call Forwarding from Ring Group


I have a setup where the inbound call goes to a ring group. It rings all extensions together for 15 seconds if no one picks up it needs to go to a voicemail account for a specific extension. The customer would also like to forward the calls to his cell phone occasionally. My work around was to have the ring group default destination to an extension so they could *72 from that extension to his cell phone. The only downside now is it rings the group for 15 seconds then the extension for another 15 seconds before it gets to the voicemail.

Is there a better way of doing this?


Destination have voicemail directly ?
Also You cannot have voicemial and follow/ring Simultaneously at same time.

If this sometime is time based you can try setting Inbound mode on inbound, then they can switch which type they want. -> you set separate ring groups for each mode.