UCM6308A 1.0.11 Ring Group Default Destination - External number not working


I have been trying to configure a default destination for a ring group to forward to a external number if the call is not answered in the first 10 seconds.
I have done this before and it worked perfectly. I have been trying to find the issue out. The second call that forward to a ext. number doesn’t exit the trunk. I have captured packets to see what is happening. The packets show a call to a weird number. This works perfectly if the forwarding is set to a extension on the UCM. Please Help. This is a screenshot of the packet capture that shows the number it tries to dial.


uses LDAP


What does that mean for me? What setting do i need to change to make it not use LDAP?


put a contact in LDAP
in the call group if you look below you can insert a previously entered contact

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Dear user,

Thank you for using the GDMS platform and UCMRC service! May I ask what the “weird number” is? Where you configured this number? Is it an extension number in your UCM device? Could you kindly help to describe your usage scenario in details? Could you kindly help to capture the trace file and syslog from your UCM device? When you try to capture the UCM logs, please kindly help to enable the PJSIP/PBX logs options. Thanks a lot for your testing!

Thank you!