UCM6304 Voicemail to Email constantly breaking


We have a system that we have been getting constant complaints on. Voicemail to email just stops working on random extensions. This happens very frequently and both us and the customer are getting very frustrated with little help from GS support into why this is happening.

Users receive the voicemail on their GRP phones, but not in email. Under email logs on the UCM, there is no failed email. It appears that the system does not even attempt to send the email. Voicemail to email continues to work for all of the other users. This problem just jumps around to random extensions while the rest work. The only way we have found to repair this is to delete their extension entirely and recreate it.

Our system setup:

UCM6304 firmware
77 GRP2615 phones firmware
The UCM is running off a 1.5MB connection, with two other sites connected through VPN back to this system. (we know this may be a problem)
We use Gmail for our email settings.
Type: Client
Enable SASL authentication
(app password created through 2FA on google account settings)
pop.gmail.com on port 995

These settings work for all other UCM’s we have setup in various businesses. This is the only UCM where we have this constant problem with voicemail to email breaking constantly.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


Did you get this resolved? having a similar issue with a client.