UCM6302A IM error


I just installed a UCM6302A with 12 extensions active, 2 GRP2624, 9 WP825, and one FXS.
All works but I can’t add any extensions. If I try to save a new extension I get " IM server database has encountered an error." and the extension is not saved. IM cloud and server are not enabled and GDMS cloud is not used. The software version is the last one



What are your extension ranges?




What numbers exist on the systems extension list


100,101,200,201,300,301,400,401,402,500,501,600. Also the system created at the beginning extension 1000.
I try to delete 1000 but I’m getting also the IM error.


Scottsip given you good direction with that question, your defaults extension range is conflicting with the default range there is an overlap


I don’t have any conflict with the dialing plan
User Extensions
Pick Extensions
Auto Provision Extensions
Meeting Extensions
Ring Group Extensions
Queue Extensions
Voicemail Group Extension
IVR Extensions
Dial By Name Extensions
Fax Extension


Did you manage this issu ?
I’m having the same issu chen I try to change any settings on an extension
IM server and Cloud Im services are not enabled.


No, I didn’t. I opened a ticket and their solution was to default the system and reload the backup.
I didn’t do it because the customer is far from my location and I don’t need to add any new phones at this time.
I intend at one point to get another UCM6302A and try it. They suggested that the corruption took place when the software on the unit got updated but in my case, the unit was updated before any programming was done.