UCM6302a and UCM6304a remote access via VPN


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Thank you for your feedback! We have received your device info and we have located this issue:

This is a subnet configuration issue. If it is a 16-bit subnet mask, the IP address 192.168.0.x and 192.168.3.x are considered under the same network segment. When pinging the IP address 192.168.3.x from 192.168.0.x, the system will send ARP to query 192.168.3.x directly, instead of sending to the gateway

Solution: You should configure a 24-bit subnet mask.

The original provided infomation are different from the actual situation. Thanks for your testing!

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Thank you so much! You are correct, that was a misconfiguration on my part. I’ve updated and can access remotely via VPN as desired!


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