UCM6302 with Gateway Synway


Hola, mi problema es que poseo una central UCM6302 con 3 Telefonos IP(gxp1610 y gxp2160) y los quiero vincular con numeros de celulares de la empresa (SIM card), para esto cuento con un Gateway Synway 4004, pero no logro saber como vincularlos a la UCM y a los telefonos IP. Si alguien sabe que esto se puede lograr, me ayudaria mucho!

Hello, my problem is that I have a UCM6302 central with 3 IP Phones (gxp1610 and gxp2160) and I want to link them with company cell phone numbers (SIM card), for this I have a Gateway Synway 4004, but I can’t figure out how to link them to the UCM and to the IP telephones. If anyone knows that this can be achieved, it would help me a lot!


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Thank you for using UCM63xx and UCMRC services! Please refer to the user guides of UCM63XX and UCMRC below for configuration purposes. If you encounter any problem during setup the UCM63xx and IP phones, we can help you to troubleshoot the specific issue based on your capturing logs and screenshots:


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Hola, justamente no encuentro en ninguna guía la solución de mi problema. Por eso estoy acudiendo a foros.

Hello, I just can’t find the solution to my problem in any guide. That’s why I’m going to forums. Thanks for reply!


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Thank you for your feedback! I think you may want to configure Analog Trunk in your UCM6302 with your components, you can check the user guide -> search Analog Trunks section and see if you can configure it with the instructions. Please feel free to let us know if you encounter any problems during configuring your devices:

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That’s really not what I want to do but I really appreciate you trying to help me.
I comment again in case someone has the same problem: I have a Gateway Synway, which has a SIM card. I need to link to my UCM, which has 3 linked IP phones.


You will need to link the gateway to the UCM as a trunk. You will need to refer to the Synway manual to see what type of trunks they support - register or peer. You will also need to refer to their manual for the setup relative to your locale - carrier, number handling, etc.

The gateway will act as a VoIP Trunk to the UCM not much differently than a traditional SIP Trunk provider. You will need to setup inbound routes on the UCM to take the signal from the gateway so that the calls can be directed to your desired destination on the PBX - phone/extension, ring group, IVR, call queue, etc. You will need to insure that the number (DID) that you enter into the PBX rule matches what the gateway sends exactly and you will need to know in which header the number is and what its format is. There are 2 headers that the PBX trunk will use to look for the DID, the To and URI header.

You can refer to the UCM manual and resource guides on how to set the rules for both inbound and outbound dialing.

You are not linking the phones to the gateway, but rather to the UCM. The UCM is the go-between that manages the phone traffic via the aforementioned rules for both in & out calling. The UCM handles the phone on one side and the gateway on the other.

Just get one trunk working to start with, then you can worry about how to integrate the others.


Hello, thanks for answering, exactly what you said is what I am trying to do, the UCM is an intermediary between the Gateway (where my phone number/SIM card is located) and on the other side I already have the IP Phones linked with extensions.
There is already a Trunk connection between the Gateway and the UCM, but linking the SIM card to one of the 3 IP Phones is giving me problems.


The most successful example of what I am trying to do is this image, But instead of ISDN and Digital Trunk; I would be using a SIM from the Gateway


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have you solved it yet? I can help you


No, I couldn’t figure it out yet.
If it’s not a problem, could you help me?
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that would be very helpful! Thanks
When you do, could you share the link?
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you can contact me directly by skype tientongdai i will help you to configure it


Yes, we will keep monitoring the feedback from the Forum and share these information with the user who needs it. Please kindly share the further feedback about this issue in this post. Thanks!


perfect, I sent you a message on skype


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here is a simple configuration you can follow, let me know when you are doneConfig UCM and Synway.zip (464.2 KB)


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