UCM6302 Inbound call not working


Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and to the Grandstream Universe. I’m having an issue with a new UCM6302. I can make outgoing calls from perfectly from any position, but the incoming calls are not being answered by the UCM. The incoming call does not even get registered in the CDR at all. The FXO port does change to “Talking”, and from the far end it rings. If I plug in a regular phone on the line, it rings just fine and I can answer normally, but the UCM does not seem to be doing this. I tried both FXO ports and tried a number of different settings but I cannot find what is going on. Please tell me what to look at? Thanks.


Have you setup the analog trunk?


I would do:
(1) PSTN Detect
(2) Try Check/Uncheck CallerID
(3) If Check CallerID - set to Auto Detect


Yes, it was set up. Thanks.


The caller ID did the trick. For some reason, the phone company stopped providing the caller ID service, and that change, prevented the PBX from taking the call… how weird is this? I mean is it a bug? Thanks for the suggestion.


It is not a bug. There are many different formats for CID in use around the world. Apparently, the system was set to look for a given format and it was not there; hence it was a programming error and the call could not progress due to it being told to look for something that wasn’t.


In my opinion it’s either a bug or terrible design. No other system i know stops an incoming call just because caller id is not setup correctly. At worst they just miss the first 2 rings.


Hi there,

try, disabling Use CallerID in analog trunk.


I agree that the design could be better, but I do not believe it to be a bug as a bug is when the function does not perform according to the design. As this has been the way it has worked since day one and there are settings that allow for one to set the needed parameter to include an auto determination (unknown how well it works) setting, it’s more a case of operator error as the setting was not made.

Could it be made more user friendly, I am with you in that I think it very well could be. Will GS make a change, I have no clue.