UCM6301 works great but Wave on phone or on Windows does not work



I have the UCM6301 up and running. It replaced my UCM6202 model. One of the reasons I wanted to upgrade was because I wanted to use the new Wave on my phone so I could answer calls outside of my office.
I have the UCM6301 up and running but Wave doesn’t work. On my phone, it won’t register when I use the QR Code or manually enter the information. On my Windows, it looks like it is connected but when I try to call out, it says “you’re not allowed to dial this number.” So, what can I do?
Is there a certain way to set up an extension that is used by Wave that is different from other extensions? What am I missing?


By chance Do you have a Motorola mobile phone?


No, not a Motorola phone.
Is there a problem with the Motorola phones?


Officially no problem. I have 3 Motorola and Wave crashes all, already reported months ago in Grandstream.


My doesn’t crash, it just won’t register.
Does yours register and then crash or do you mean crash = not register?


It is recorded but crashes immediately,
instead of entering the QR code, try entering the data by hand / user / PSWD Web


QR code or manual entry, same results. Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be set before you can use Wave?


Well obviously you have to do different settings:
WebTC enabled on Extension?

If you do not resolve: