UCM6301/GDSM Remote extension no audio outgoging calls


Hey all,

I’m quit new here.
We’ve just installed a GS UCM6301 in our hotel and (almost) everything runs just fine.
Seen a lot of youtube tutorials and google last days :slight_smile:

The only thing that wont work for so far is out remote extension (outside the hotel)

We’ve been using the option of grandstream remote connect.
The extensions is registerd on the uCM, incomming calls are no problem.
Outgoging calls dont have audio at all.
I’f opend UTP ports 5060/5061/8090 at both ends

Do you have any new tips to make it work?

Thnx for al your support so far!



no need to open any door, you just have to enable the remote connect on UCM6301 and correctly associate the external phones, eventually you need the license
the guides explain everything