UCM6300 SIP Trunk to Cisco CME


’m trying to setup UCM6300 to connect to Cisco CME via SIP Trunk.

Does anyone have this working that would mind helping with the config details on both sides.

Both devices are located on the same subnet so no NAT involved.

Let me know if any other info is needed.



Hey Jason, I can confirm that this works, but I can’t tell you whats on the CUCM side (I didnt program it and had no visibility as it was the Health Authority IT departments equipment).

On the GS-UCM side, its simply a Peer trunk, with keep-alive active, isolated Codec down to just one codec that both systems support (PCMU/G711), then set up appropriate inbound/outbound routing. You may need to adjust CallerID depending on what the CUCM side wants to see - in my use case, we set that in DOD on outbound routes.

Good luck,


Thank you for the information, I was able to get a SIP trunk working one way between the two. I need to adjust inbound/outbound rules and adjust the CallerID to get everything 100% working correctly pretty sure.



hola, soy nuevo, como puedo conectar mi CME a un pbx grandstream, tengo mi cme en una red diferente y desde ahi si veo mi pbx, pero no puedo cofigurarlo, podrian ayudarme