UCM62xx with GXW4232 - Analog phones can not enter passcodes or select feature items once in a feature code


Hi all,
I’m a total new to all aspects of pbx systems, voip technology and protocol, and network administration, but have managed to replace my Mitel PBX phone system with a grandstream UCM6204 and GXW4232. We have 28 analog phone lines and phones and one IP phone. The IP phone works fine and access all feature codes normally but the 28 analog phone can only send and receive calls. The analog phones can dial a feature code like *36 (wakeup call) and hear the options but can not select one. Its as though the system can not hear the analog phone dial anything after the 1st number set.

I feel like this probable a pretty basic configuration error as I can not find anything like it online to help me fix it but all the same I’m stumped.

Thank you in advance for any insights.


And I was correct. It was a pretty fundamental configuration problem. For anyone else out there that is having a simliar problem, the problem was that the DTMF (touch tone - dual tone multi frequency) settings between the GXW and the UCM were not congruent. I changed the DTMF setting on the GXW to match the UCM and all was well.


Great. Glad it is working.Closing the topic.