UCM62xx Follow me simultaneous for external and internal numbers


I am trying to configure my UCM6202 to call multiple internal extensions and a few external numbers at the same time, is there any way to get it done? (I am not that familiar with the system, clear and detailed responses will be appreciated)


No (but check below).
GS do not allow directly call external number from queue or RG.

BUT you can cheat it. From RG(only) simultaneous call work ! so set it on extension and ext will ring and external number too. You can use 2xFXS for no ring extension.


You can use LDAP in ring group to go external.


use the followe-me and you should be able to put extensions and external numbers you want on it


Do you mean to say that I need to make a special extension and not do a follow me or forward?

What do you mean with this?


Will try this and tell you my results.


Regular follow me in a ring group or queue did not work. (in status it did not even ring those ext)


In fact, I wrote you above to use follow-me and not ringtone groups.


Damiano, hope all is well with you in Italy.

The poster wants to ring multiple phones both internal and external simultaneously. I do not believe follow-me does this. It will ring an extension first and then the external number(s).

A ring group with LDAP is the closest function that I am aware of that can meet the need.


Yes Larry everything is fine in Italy (like all countries I think), I hope well to you and family and of course to all those in the forum.
Of course it works, otherwise I wouldn’t have written it.


I do not see the option when setting the first follow-me number. It shows only after ringing the extension -

If you add additional numbers, then the option appears so that the add-on numbers will ring simultaneously with the first follow-me number.


dial external number


It is the same for external. The extension must ring first, then you define the external number and can follow that up with additional external number that will ring at the same time, but as a follow-me, the first device must ring and timeout before the follow-me extensions come into play. I am rinning 10.19 on the UCM and have yet to upgrade to 20.20. Is there a difference?


create a fictitious interior and do the follow-me on that, simple and functional.

I don’t use the 20 yet, too unstable, I’d like to use the webrtc in production but too many anomalies, have you tried webrtc?


Webrtc, yes, but only in testing.


how did you feel about webrtc?


I had no issue with it as I recall, but it was only a single test and was more for me to understand than anything. I was not looking at anything like load, response times, ease of use, etc., but more that I could get it to work.


I’m trying it out, but with Chrome and Firefox, it’s just problems…


True, but as I wrote in the beginning, I need it for a ring group that has some internal phones and some external ones.


Exactly! Plus, for some reason it doesn’t even ring to the external number even after ringing internally.

I will try using LDAP and keep you posted how it works.