UCM62xx Follow Me, Ring Simultaneously solution


I have a problem with the Follow Me/Ring Simultaneously.

The current situation we have is that we have 4 GDS 3710 and an UCM with a reception phone (Extension 1000).

What we need now is the following configuration:
-> Door rings Extension 1000 and 2x external numbers simultaneously.
-> External calls are all redirected to 1000 from SIP trunk and also here all calls go to the 2x external numbers

What i have tried:
-> Ring Group for doors (cannot call external number)
-> Create extension for Door which is unavailable and add follow me: works but not really. the ring at the door is disabled and the womans voice says that she is trying to reach someone. Also are 2 calls to the same external number initiated because 1x for the door extension follow me and 1x for the 1000 Extension follow me.
-> Ring simultaneously can only add one number
-> Follow me for Calls to the main phone (1000) only works if the call is not picked up, and also the womans voice.

So any advice on this topic?
Many thanks for the help!


You might have success if you create dummy extensions for the two external numbers, forward each to the respective external number, and use the dummy extensions in ring groups. (Dummy extensions are extensions you set up in the UCM but which don’t have phones registered to them.) You can keep the existance of the dummy extensions “secret” or tell people they are speed dial numbers for the external numbers.



Thanks for the fast reply. Tried that, already. Because that would be the cleanest solution.

I have created an extension 1010 for external number 1, extension 1011 for external number 2. (external number on follow me and set to unavailable).
The ring group is set up to call 1000, 1010 and 1011. If i try to call 1010 and 1011 it rings the external number, if i call the ring group only the internal phone rings :frowning:
So somehow Ring groups can only call internal numbers or follow me doesnt work there (which is somehow expected)


Oh well, it was worth a try. I’m out of suggestions.

Maybe somebody else has an idea…



Have you tried setting Ring Simultaneously instead of Call Forward All?


setup extension 1001 (for example), use Ring Simultaneously to ring 1000, external line 1, external line 2. This way, the inbound calls on the SIP trunk won’t accidentally ring the external numbers.

It should work.


Hi again,

So ive tried a few solutions but as said before nothing really works to. Follow me does not work when using in ring groups, the only way it works is to create an extension which i redirect all incoming calls to which has follow me.
This is really anyoing! Because there are a few things which are bugging me there!

1.) Voice message (Please wait while trying to connect you to …) appears in all calls coming in
2.) Extenal numbers will never see the original caller number (maybe a setting mistake)
3.) If 1 in the follow me group cancels the call (external number not reachable) the call is dismissed

So what i really want is the following
All incoming calls on the SIP trunk should ring:

  1. Internal 1000 (master desk phone, gvx)
  2. Handset 1050
  3. External number 1 mobile
  4. External number 2 mobile

All the entries in the the ring group need to be called simulateosly.
Additional the master phone and the headset (so all internal phones) need to be able to dismiss the call (hang up). All phones need to be able to accept the call just by picking up (not pressing 1/no confirm when answering). This is what i thought the ring group can provide.
What i have tried so far:
1.) Ring Group: LDAP external number, with and without Endpoint Call Forwarding Support
2.) Ring Group: Extensions (for every entry in the ring group 1 extension) with follow me, with and without Endpoint Call Forwarding Support
3.) Ring Group: Extensions with ring simulataneosly, with and without Endpoint Call Forwarding Support

None of those support calling the external numbers as a ring group, i suspect because the extension status (not the presence status, presence status tried with availbale or unavailable) is Unavailble.
Also i dont want to install any application on the external phones.


Hi Machtl.

Can you solve this situation ? How to decide 3 external numbers calling with strategy ?


This is a user-to-user forum. You will need to submit a ticket to support.

What is LDAP with and without endpoint call forwarding support?

Using LDAP allows calling external numbers from a ring group.

Points 2 and 3 seem to be the same with the exception that #2 is not explained as to what “every entry in the ring group 1 extension is”.