UCM62XX firmware


I added a User in the User Management but the new user doesn’t show up on the list.
I can use it to log in but because it doesn’t show on the list I can’t edit or delete it.


No disrespect intended, but have you checked it is not on the next page?


Yes, I did.


Try a refresh with Ctrl-Shift-R. It will clear the browser cache for that site before reloading the page.


I cleared the cache. I also try to use a different browser, IE. Still doesn’t show on the list.


Try creating a new extension, reboot the system, check if it’s still there. If that’s successful, go ahead and delete it and ignore me.

If you cannot create a new extension either, you might have a hardware issue.

About a year ago, I tried to reset a password. Just could not get it to update. Went so far as to backup the system and attempt a factory reset. The box would not factory reset.

Turns out the memory had failed somehow. Thankfully, the unit was still under warranty.


All the extensions I created are showing up in User management. If I created a new extension it appears. Only a user created in User management doesn’t show, but I can use it to log in.


Two thoughts:

  1. Backup the system, factory reset and then restore.

  2. Open a Help Desk ticket


Do you have this software version loaded on a unit and you don’t have this issue?


Did a factory reset and restore. Same issue.


I have not tried adding and removing a user with this version.

The only other thought I have is trying to downgrade to a previous version and see if you can see/remove that user.

Otherwise, I’d open a Help Desk ticket.


I have another unit with and didn’t have the problem.
I opened a ticket with the help desk.


I do not have any problem with creating and deleting special access. Are you loged as ADMIN ?


Yes, I’m using Admin. I did some more test and it is getting interesting. I created an user “Test” and no problem, I can see it on the list. All the once I created “conf”, “confer”, conferen" and “conference” don’t show on the list. If I log in with “conf” which is an Administrator and go to User management, I can see it on the list. Looks like I can use other names and they work. Can you try to create “Conference” ?


you have to create a new user and give the permissions you want (eg conference)


Yep it not show. No idea why conference not show.
Maybe it is related to new search engine or GSwave access?