UCM62XX and GXP2170 Intercom BLF and Visual Parking possible?


I am brand new to Grandstream’s products and this is my first post here–I apologize if this has been asked before, but I can’t seem to find 100% answers to my questions yet.

I am considering UCM62xx with GXP2170’s, but I have some issues to solve.

It looks like the items I need may be in FreePBX using other SIP phone brands, but if it is possible with Grandstream, I’d like to stay with it.

Here’s what I would like to get working:

  1. BLF vMPK that can INTERCOM the extension instead of dialing. (I don’t want to use 2 buttons–one for BLF and one direct intercom, I don’t want to use *80+BLF for intercom, nor do I want to use DTMF *80+BLF due to slow dialing/timing issues).

FreePBX seems to have this seemingly very simple feature as indicated here:

  1. As my client is moving them from a key system, I’m planning to use vMPK’s as parking lot slots/extensions. Since a call can change slot number as they are retrieved/put back into a slot, the client wants to be able to have the “Visual Parking Lot” so that they can see which call/caller id is in which slot before retrieving again.

I have seen that some phones support this using FreePBX (with some parking package) as mentioned here (does UCM62XX and/or GXP2170 support any of this at all?). Here’s a link that mentions what I need:


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



You can use the MPK keys as BLF.In BLF, you are monitoring the status of an extension. When green, the monitored extension is available to take a call and if the BLF key is pressed, the phone will dial that extension. When blinking red, the monitored extension is ringing and pushing the button will cause the call ringing at the monitored extension to be intercepted/answered by the extenion who pushed. Solid red indicates that the monitored extension is in an active call and pushing the button will result in dialing the extension whereupon the busy extension’s forwarding rules for busy will be invoked.

You can also set the MPK keys to intercom as well, but of course as intercom is two-way, a single button for each extension will be needed or a single button for each page/intercom group will be needed (see the manual for more info). The keys, in either case, simply need to be programmed.

The UCM can handle park, but not as eloquently as FreePBX. It does not currently show the callerID/Name of who is in park for a given button/display. It will only show a light of a parked extension or slot. You will have to remember into which position the call was parked or into which slot it was placed by the system if announced. Keep in mind that the function you seek is nice, but is not functional across all phone makes and models as the screen real estate size comes into play as do the buttons and how/if tied to the display (at all). While the UCM does not currently have the same level of integration, I assume that at some point as the product continues to mature it will, but it will still depend on the phone’s ability to display same, which usually involves the higher-end models.


I had one client that demanded a single press button to intercom every office yet still maintain their BLF keys.
In the end I had to give them two buttons for everyone using sidecars.

I would stack them:

-BLF for ext 1000
-INTERCOM for ext 1000
-BLF for ext 1001
-INTERCOM for ext 1001
-BLF for ext 1002
-INTERCOM for ext 1002

For call park, the status screen on the phone system can be used to monitor parking slots if desired.


Can you point me to any reading/examples of setting up this status screen? So far, I can only see the parking blf button to be green or red with the static text I put in next to it. I can’t see any other info unless I pick up the call from parking.

I’d like to be able to see what the caller id’s are of the calls in the parking slots.

Thank you


That’s the issue, it does not show the Caller-ID, only whether the spot is occupied…even if using the display. It only monitors to show that a spot is open or occupied; not who is in it.


The admin portal will show exactly what you are describing, but unfortunately gives the user full access to the phone system.


I believe with the latest release of the UCM you can give access to just this status screen without giving other administrative privileges.

Go to Settings -> User Management -> Custom Privilege -> Create New Custom Privilege. Then assign this privilege to the user account you want to have it.


That’s a beautiful thing.

I just tested it and it works perfect. You can’t assign it to the user you want, but you can create a new user that can log in to utilize this. I took screenshots. The username IS case sensitive.