UCM6240 Trunk DOD setting not using set extensions



I am busy setting up DOD trunks. Problem is that all the extensions are phoning out from 1 number even though they have been allocated each it sown number for DOD purposes. The number at the top of the DOD trunks is the one that is used by all. All is done as per theTrunk manual.


Please advise.

Your manual can be written in more simpler fashion for deployment.




What type of telephone connection do you have and does your provider allow you to control caller ID (CID)? If using analog lines, then you have no control over the CID and if using SIP, some SIP providers will also prohibit modification.

If SIP, check with the provider first. If they indicate yes, then there are other settings that may be used.


placed here the screens of the configuration for a help


I am using SIP. I can config as I want to.


Thanks for prompt reply. The top DOD is the only number that dials out


you cannot configure what you want, but you are limited to the functions provided by the VoIP provider, ask them if they are single SIP numbers, or in DDI/DOD.
Otherwise you can’t configure anything and you can’t even get help from the forum, you need exact information.


you have created identical output paths that make no sense at all, and the DDI is not set up here


read this:


I am issued a batch of single SIP numbers. I have LAN and Gateway IP for provisioning.


Thank You


to read all that document, in particular: “Steps on how to configure DOD on the UCM”


And is keep trunk CID set in the trunk settings and if so, disable it and try. What you are showing is not a did and the rule is not set correctly. Those are rules and as Damiano indicates, they are all the same. You could have just had the top one and all the others below would use it as the pattern is the same. The pattern is what differentiates how outbound calls will be handled but has nothing to do with CID, only what path the call will take to reach the outside.

The DOD is set here -

And then here -


All my Trunks have been allocated their specific extension. i.e. Asmeralda Trunk has been allocated a DOD as shown below.

What am I missing?


You now need to know from what SIP header the provider is looking for the CID. They may be looking for it in the FROM, PAI or RPID (typically) and some providers will allow you to modify the field in which they use. Here is an example of one of my trunks from one of the providers I use -

As you can see, I have the caller ID override not set, and I am looking for the CID info on this trunk to be in the RPID field.

If you have CID set in the extension for Caller ID, remove it.


This is what I have to edit my trunks on.



Sorry, but I am not following without some context to better describe what that string represents and where used.


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