UCM6208 Wrong time condition used in inbound route


UCM 6208 ver

I have an default inbound route to the IVR Office Open. By time condition calls are directed to an alternate IVR Office Closed. The time condition is defined as Specific Time in the inbound route.

I have also a Global Inbound Mode. When this mode is activated the calls are also directed to IVR Office Closed. I have an inbound mode suffix defined. This inbound mode suffix is tied to a BLF

When they dial the Inbound Mode Suffix, the Mode1 is selected and the BLF is activated. The correct IVR Office Closed is routed.

However, the customer complains that some periods of time, outside the time condition, calls are routed to IVR Office closed.

When that happens, the BLF indicator is not active. It is as if the time condition for Office Closed is met. They can go back to the default IVR Office Open by dialing the Inbound Mode Suffix to activate Office Closed. And then dialing the Inbound Mode Suffix again to activate Office Open.

Since during the specific time condition the BLF indicator is not active, I assume the call is routed incorrectly. I do not assume Mode1 is active. But I do not know for sure.

The time in the PBX is correct. Also during the error. The CDR reports the incorrect IVR is selected during a time it should not.

This is not a new configuration, it is in effect for 1.5 years. The error has been reported once before.

What can I do to get information about what happens here. Or information how and why an incoming call is routed in a certain way.


A part of the problem has been solved.

The Inbound Suffix has (inadvertently?) been dialed by a user. That shows Global Inbound Mode works as expected. (I could have checed that before. Yes)

I just don’t know yet why the BLF indicator was not active. Neither do I know if the Inbound Suffix was dialed from the keypad, or the BLF key was pressed.

What I don’t know either and must test. The BLF is tied to number 300. Not *61300 If 300 is dialed from the BLF the Mode1 is toggled.

I am not sure what happens if I dial 300 from the keypad. It is supposed that I have to dial *61300. But IIRC dialing 300 also toggles the mode if this suffix is defined. I have to test that yet.