UCM6208 problem with Zero Config after update


After applying the update on a UCM6208, every equipment configured via Zero Config lost connection. What I found was that the UCM was giving the WAN IP instead of the LAN to all devices. I managed to set the SIP Server address correctly, but the “config server path” keep getting the wan ip, even if I force the configuration in the Global Policy.

If I set the config server path manually in the devices, after a reboot they go back to the wan ip.

Any advice before I try to revert back the firmware?

Thank you.


I am uncertain that reverting the firmware will alter the current circumstance. You might try and reload the latest backup first and see if that resolves the issue. Where you running in dual or route mode?


In router mode, the Wan has a fixed IP and is connected directly to the fiber of the VoIP provider, everything else is connected to the LAN port.


In hoping you have a current backup which is an instruction for anytime a firmware update is performed, that you try that first.


me too, ver