UCM6208 not accepting time zone setting



I’m using a:

Model: UCM6208 V1.3A

Boot:, Core:, Base:, GSWave:; Lang:; Program:

Problem is that the time zone is not getting properly set but I did set the correct time zone but the unit is not getting it. It is supposed to be UTC -4:00 but it shows up as:

System Time: 2019-06-28 14:18:24 UTC-03:00

To setup the timezone I went to System Settings / Time Settings / Automatic Date and Time / Time Zone and selected GMT -4:00 (Atlantic Time). In that section it was also specified that the NTP server is my firewall. Also went to the NTP Server tab and enable it. All other network equipment are getting working with the NTP.

Please advise.


Do you have DST in your region?


fmarcoux thanks for your comment.

No, we are located in the Caribbean and we don’t have DST.


Grandstream support instructed me to use “self defined time zone” with UTC+4, weird because I’m GMT -4:00, anyways… it did work and the time now says - System Time: 2019-06-28 18:14:48 UTC-04:00

But it is not getting reflected in the SIP phones:

Units in use are:

GXP1450 -> Version
GXP1625 -> Version
GXP1628 -> Version
GXP2160 -> Version

In the 1628 I set the time zone as self defined with the same value as the PBX UTC+4 but in system info it says: Time Zone GMT-05:00 (Eastern Time).


Since the problem was resolved for the PBX and now it is reflected on the extension, I will consider this thread closed and post the question in the phone subforum.


You need to use : custom for the handsets as well…

Another this is to point them to an external time server: i use pool.ntp.org or a derivative of that…