UCM6208 - Need to configure GXV3240 GXV3275 GXP1615 for "remote office"



Hello and Greetings!
I really need to accomplish this as pressure is mounting and not happy with available guides for this model.

I have an excellent setup for UCM6208 and Telephones all grand stream. Life is great.
Now we have branch office and its located in remote area where ADSL doesn’t exists and only satellite internet is available.

As per guide, I followed all instructions and manage to setup GSwave for mobiles, no issues. From my current office I tried to configure telephones to be used at sites and failed miserably.

I am sure plenty of you had to confront this scenario and managed to get out of this loop. Please send link or tips or working videos to resolve this issue. My firewall is PaloAlto PA-220. My Gswave works fine so should my telephones for the remote sites…

Thankyou in advance.


on a satellite connection you may have latency and jitter problems, set correctly UCM do the appropriate NAT with ACL on the firewall if you do not want to have surprises of attacks.


Thanks Damiano. NOTED.

Action Taken:

  • Upgraded my UCM
  • Created several Extension for my branch office
  • From web interface logged into telephone configured the Telephone set with ports, public IP, TCP set to TLS
  • After this, connected one telephone to 4G Modem’s LAN PORT and waited for 30 seconds. extension turned green color, activated. ( I have been trying to achieve this since two weeks) damn.

Damiano, as you recommended I will further program or modify setting later for jitter & latency when the telephone is delivered to field. It was important of you to mention jitter & latency. My firewall is palo-alto and tightly protected.



on latency you can not do much, it depends on the characteristics of connectivity, especially if over the air, for jitter if you notice delays in voice or inconsistencies look at Settings pbx / Buffer Jitter.
For the rest there are several settings to do start looking in the link below,
I repeat, be careful to open the doors in ACL and not “open to the whole world”

More settings can be found here: