UCM6208 hunt not working


We have a grandstream ucm6208 with 4 analog trunks with hunting from our phone service provider that has been working correctly for a bout a year. Recently when the main number is in use callers get a busy signal. Some thing is causing the call not hunt/rollover to a available analog truck… We have tested hunt group is working fine from provider with 2 analog phones. Anybody have any ideas?


Are you indicating that the UCM with the hunt settings at the provider was working fine for a year?

As each line has a unique DID for the hunt, have you tried dialing each number to see what the results are? Have you checked the dashboard to see if perhaps the trunks are busy? Perhaps a reboot?


When the individual numbers are dialed the call comes through. The dashboard shows no active calls. We have tried rebooting the system. I even tired restoring from a backup where hunt was working correctly


Disconnect a line at a time and repeat the tests. I assume calling out is not an issue on all the available lines?

You should be able to work with the provider by calling them on the primary line and then having them dial same to see if it rolls or not. Then while you keep the primary line busy, have them dial the other numbers and see if they come thru. It will be a pain to work with them, but the indications are that all lines into the UCM seem to be fine when you dial the numbers directly. As nothing has changed in any of the settings with the UCM, the question becomes why can you dial directly, but the hunt never comes thru? Good luck.


So you think it still a problem with the provider even though the hunt works with 2 analog phones


hunt on pots / fxo lines is at the providers end - nothing to do with the grandstream.


Not sure, but as you state the above, I point out that you could dial the numbers directly and they worked. Further, the UCM does not control the provider hunt function. So, I can only conclude that even though the main line is busy, the provider is either a) not hunting or, b) they think the main line is not busy and send the call to the main number anyway whereupon the busy is returned.

How do you have the analog trunks set in the UCM? If they are set as one trunk, you could try and break them out into individual trunks with the same routing and see what happens. Maybe there is something going on hear, but again, you could call each directly and no issue. I assume that you also simulated the scenario by having the main busied out while testing the other numbers.


the first thing to do is to put 2/3/4 analog phones connected directly to the analog lines on the telephone operator side, so you can immediately see if the automatic search works correctly on the telephone operator side.
You will behave accordingly, the first test to be performed is the one I have described to you.