UCM6208 & GXP2160 - incoming callers hear musical tone and not typical ringtone


the incoming callers hear some weird musical tones on incoming lines. we want them to hear the typical call tone (ringing) this is in the USA. I believe it has something to do with music on hold but can’t figure out which settings change this feature. Almost seems odd that a default setting is this musical tone on incoming calls. I have tried to do some searching but can’t seem to locate and change these settings. we have several FXO lines, a few dozen phones and a handful of call groups. Anyone have an idea


under ring group, in Music On Hold what do you have? it should say none.


Do they ring to a Call Queue? Ring Group? or direct to a telephone?

Try making the inbound call go straight to a single extension for a test and see if you hear ring tone or the music. If you are hearing music, then remove the line from the UCM and use a standard POTs telephone with the line to see if it is external and in control of the POTs provider.


in a UCM6300, this is what needs to be configured