UCM6204 with Bitrix


I need to integrate Bitrix with UCM6204, Bitrix says it can integrate with any IP PBX…
Has anyone done this before?? If yes please provide details of settings on UCM side.



have not used bitex but I presume it just like any other cloud pbx
you need to set up a peer trunk or if that can’t be done then you need to assign an extension on bitex for the ucm and register the ucm has an extension and tweak call rouitng a bit i think.


any updates here?


Bitrix is a CRM type of application. I do not know of anyone that has used it, but that does not mean that someone isn’t.

If they claim they can integrate, then suggest you should query them on the details of how as well. Two shots may have a better chance of hitting the target.


Hi, has anyone done the integration of the Bitrix CRM with an UCM?


no need to open 10 posts with the same question