UCM6204 Voicemail Storage


We’re considering purchasing a Grandstream UCM6204, and I have a question about voicemail storage.
Where is voicemail stored on the device? Internal hard drive or flash drive? Or is an external drive required for this? What is the capacity for voicemail storage (number of hours)?




The voicemail is stored on the UCM by default but I believe can be changed to USB or SD card.


Our UCM6204 has a 5.6GB internal data partition. We have about ~150 vm’s currently saved on it and they are taking up 216MB.

Hope this is of some help.

There is a config partition of roughly 200MB total space allocated.


Thanks jriggie. That is indeed helpful information.
As lstutesman indicated, perhaps external storage can also be used, though I don’t think that will be required based on what you’ve posted.

Thanks everyone,



Bill, I did do a quick search of the 450 pg pdf manual using a few different possible keywords but nothing came up in regards to adding external storage.

If you do a google search you should be able to find the manual quickly on grandstream’s site and take a look for yourself.

I am far far far from knowledgeable on these platforms.


There is a usb port and a SD card slot.
I have used fat32 and ntfs formatting without issue. Once you plug it in, it just shows up and starts working as programmed.


We copy the recordings overnight using the data sync option, we then use the cleaner feature to delete recordings once the appliance hits 80% capacity (it keeps recordings that occupy less than 80 and deletes the older ones, which we have copies of)