UCM6204 to Cisco CUCM 12.5


We have a Cisco CUCM on version 12.5 at our main office and i’m trying to setup a UCM6204 to use a SIP trunk to communicate with it so that we can use the UCM at our branch location and gain the ability to be able to call between locations. The issue i’m having is that when I setup everything i’m able to call from the UCM to the Cisco system but not from the Cisco to the UCM. When I run the packet grab from the UCM i can see the SIP incoming as “ext@ucm IP” but the UCM returns a 404 not found error.


It means that inbound pattern in UCM is wrong.


I currently have the UCM pattern set to _s i’ve also tried _X and using _60XX


I did have the wrong route pattern. i needed to have it set to _X. to get traffic to flow, without the . on the end it just kept failing.


_s is for ANALOG line only :slight_smile:

x - any DIGIT
. - any lenght


Good to know, i’m new to the Grandstream UCM devices. Thanks for your help.