UCM6204 SIP Trunk/Internal Calls issue


Hi there,

New to the forums and just in the process of configuring our PBX to use as our new phone system. I’ve managed to provision phones onto the PBX, everything is contactable etc, I can push configs out, remotely reboot, the only thing I’m having trouble with is getting phones to dial out.

We are in the process of getting a SIP Trunk set up, but don’t have any means of dialling out at the moment. Can you use these applications without a SIP Trunk, just over IP Protocol internally to do testing out? Or do you need the SIP trunk to be able to dial even just internal numbers?

Thank you.


Nomrally direct IP dialing is supported between endpoints. As the UCM is not an endpoint there is no support for IP dialing (that I am aware of) using the UCM. The UCM looks for a dialed number and when seen will send the call out a trunk according to the user defined outbound rules.

There is no restriction on being able to dial between extensions regardless of trunk presence. You call any system extension or user extension without issue.


If your phones are registered to the ucm and you can’t dial extension to ext 1000 to 1001 ( or whatever your extension range is) you have other problems.


Other problems such as? It’s a brand new VLAN with no corporate firewall apart from as a gateway.


Confirm the handset is plugged into the correct port marked handset and not headset.

If this is correct and assuming all network settings are correct and the phones are showing registered.

call another extension do a packet capture and post here , quite a few members here can assit once this information is available